Best Flowering Trees For Austin Texas

Spring means new life, fresh colors, and flowering trees and shrubs.  Flowering trees can be a great addition to any yard with their bright colors and ability to add a pop of color to catch the eye.  There are several types of flowering trees that produce both big and small flowers.  Here are some of the top flowering trees to considering planting in your yard this spring.

Southern Magnolia

This unique flowering tree produces wonderfully fragrant white to off white flowers.  It also provides unique beauty with its shiny evergreen leaves in the spring and red fruit in the fall.  This flowering tree can grow to be 60 to 80 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide.  It does produce litter from flowers and berries, so be sure to plant it away from pools or walkways so you can enjoy this tree without the added clean up.  If you are considering planting flowering trees such as Southern Magnolias this spring, ensure that it can grow and thrive with the help of tree services in Austin.


Forsythia shrubs offer a burst of sunlight with their bright yellow flowers that bloom in spring.  It is not tall and more hedge-like in nature.  It’s a great addition to any edge, creating a natural border or boundary line.

Dogwood Trees

This type of tree is shorter and wider, with branches that spread out and produce distinctive purplish, reddish leaves in spring.  Small flowers in spring are surrounded by tiny white or pink bracts.  It also produces a pretty red fruit in the fall.  Tommy’s Tree Service can provide tree services in Austin, TX that include planting and caring for flowering trees or shrubs in spring to make your yard look amazing and refreshing.

Eastern Redbud

This type of small tree produces small, pink, multi-stemmed flowers in spring.  It only grows to a height of 20 to 30 feet, making it a great addition to any sized yard.  These flowers will take your breath away as they slowly turn from reddish purple to a bright, rosy pink.

Pee Gee Hydrangea

Let our expert Austin, Texas tree services company help you plant or take care of this hardy flowering shrub.  Its large cone-shaped flowers look great in spring and turn reddish-brown as winter approaches.  Although it is shorter, it can still reach up to 15 feet tall and is pruned much like a tree.

Flowering trees make a great springtime addition to any yard.  Contact Tommy’s Tree Services in Austin for all your tree services needs and make your yard stand out this spring.