Best Trees for Austin, Texas

Every homeowner has different tastes and styles for their home, and this includes trees.  Some might desire more shade trees to keep their house cool while others are looking to plant fruit trees or trees that have beautiful color changing leaves during spring or fall.  But when choosing what trees to plant in your yard, it is always recommended that you choose trees that will thrive in your environment.  For those in Austin, Texas, these trees will need to be able to receive the right amount of light and water as well as be adaptable to the Austin soil.  According to tree services experts, here are some of the best trees to plant in Austin, Texas.

Texas Ash

You can’t go wrong with a tree that bears the name of the state in which Austin resides.  This tree is native to the Austin area and is a thinner tree than most.  They have beautiful dark green, round leaves and require little maintenance.  However, their lifespan is usually only about 15 to 20 years so they might not be a great investment for homeowners looking to stay somewhere for quite some time.

Live Oaks

This tree is also native to the Austin area and is a very popular choice among homeowners.  A native live oak is always a great option.  It will grow slowly, but because of its slow growth, it is a strong and hearty tree, one that is capable of lasting. 

Southern Red Oaks

Southern Red Oaks, or Spanish Oaks, are perfect for areas with lots of limestone as they receive nutrients from the iron deposits.  In the right kind of soil, these trees can live up to 100 years.  Austin, Texas tree services professionals recommend planting these trees in shaded root zones to avoid leaf scorch.

Cedar Elms

These trees are just as popular as the Live Oak and are very resistant to drought, making them a great option for those in Austin.  These trees have thick cuticles to help them survive in the hot weather.  However, their wood is weaker than Live Oak and could be more susceptible to damage over time.

American Holly or Possumhaw Holly

The American Holly is a medium-sized tree also native to Texas.  Its glossy evergreen leaves and bright red berries are one of the reasons it is a popular tree.  Additionally, the Possumhaw Holly is an excellent choice.  It is a resilient tree that is resistant to drought and does great in poor drainage areas.  The orange or red berries add a pop of color that homeowners love.  For more advice or to have help planting this beautiful tree, call the professionals at Tommy’s tree services in Austin.

Bur Oaks

If you have a space with a lot of room, then a Bur Oak would be a great option.  They are a great shade tree as they can grow to be over 70 feet tall.  This tree is drought resistant and also attracts wildlife.  It adds character and beauty to any property. 

If you would like more information about trees that will thrive in the Austin area or are looking for someone with the expertise to plant the right trees in your space, contact Tommy’s tree services in Austin, Texas.