For some homeowners, the trees that surround the house are going to enhance the curb appeal and be a welcoming part of the landscape. For others, the trees can become invasive and actually hinder the appearance of the home and even cause expensive damage to the foundation. The difference is going to be in the tree that you select.

Professionals at Austin Texas tree services know that while trees may look completely harmless when they are planted, it won’t be long before they are full grown. While some trees are ideal to plant near a house because the roots are not invasive, others will have roots that are widespread and destructive. In fact, some roots can even damage concrete roads and sidewalks and hinder grass from growing.

The best trees for planting near a house

The best trees to plant near a house are going to have non-invasive roots. They will also be easy to maintain because they are going to be small in size. A few examples of trees that are perfect for planting near a home are crabapples, Japanese maples, and flowering and cornelian-cherry dogwoods. You should plant the tree about ten feet away from the house, but if you aren’t sure, it’s always a good idea to ask an arborist.

The worst trees for planting near a house

Some of the worst trees to plant near a house are going be the ones with the largest roots that spread quickly. Silver maples, poplars, weeping willows, and oak trees are all examples of trees that are going to become a problem if they are planted too close to the foundation of your home. If you have an invasive tree close to your home, whether it is young or full grown, hire tree services. Austin homeowners can get the tree removed and replace it with one that makes more sense for the location.

The solution for invasive trees near a house

When you have an invasive tree in your lawn, don’t hesitate to invest in tree services. Austin, Texas has many species of trees that will demand the attention of the professionals. Reach out for tree services such as stump grinding, trimming, removal, and more. With expert arborists to help with tree selection as well as tree removal, your landscape will add value to your home and increase the curb appeal.