Can You Keep Big Trees Small or Limit Tree Height?

Before you know it, you plant a small tree and it grows into a large, sprawling tree. While big trees are eye-catching and offer great shade, they can sometimes take over and dominate the yard. So, what can you do if a tree becomes too big? With planning and preparation from the right tree service in Austin, Texas, you can manage your trees before they become too big or cause damage.

Properly Managing Tree Height
While the most obvious choice for keeping trees from growing too big is to plant them in the correct spot, that isn’t always possible. Previous homeowners may have planted a tree in a spot too close to the house or in a less than ideal location so that when it grows too large, it can become a nuisance. Tree pruning is an option to keep trees maintained at an ideal height for your home. Mature trees can be trimmed to keep branch length shorter, but it is ideal to begin the tree pruning process when trees are young saplings as older trees require much more energy to withstand a significant tree trimming process.

What to Avoid When Trimming Trees
Just like people, trees require energy to grow. Cutting off a significant portion of the tree can damage the tree’s growth process. While limbs will grow back, they will be much weaker and more likely to cause damage by breaking off or falling down. Specifically cutting down the top of your trees will weaken branches and damage growth. For assistance in trimming trees properly, contact Tommy’s Tree Services in Austin.

Pruning Trees the Correct Way
There are several guidelines to keep in mind when thinking about trimming a tree to reduce its height. First and foremost, it is recommended to only trim up to a quarter of the tree’s canopy at one time so that it can have the necessary energy to make food and stay healthy. Trimming more than a quarter of the canopy may result in a tree that can no longer sustain itself and dies. Because you can only trim a specific portion of the tree canopy at one time, know that reducing the height of any tree significantly can take several years and requires patience. It is imperative that you understand the structure of trees to ensure your tree can survive the tree pruning process successfully. For a knowledgeable and expert tree service in Austin, Texas that can assist in this process, contact Tommy’s Tree Service.