How to Maximize Your Yard’s Curb Appeal with Trees to Appeal to Homebuyers

Selling your home could prove to be a stressful and nerve-wracking process for you and your family. Investing some time and money into the landscaping of your home might prove to reduce some of that stress by increasing your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the idealizing that a prospective buyer does in reference to your home as they glance at the exterior from the street… just as you might do with the cover of a book or a well-wrapped holiday present. We assume that if the outside is nice looking, the inside must be as well, and we venture inside. This is what you want when you are selling your home! Increase the foot traffic into your home, (hopefully) increase your chances of selling more quickly and for a higher price. You might be thinking to yourself, “How can the trees and landscaping in my yard contribute to the curb appeal?” The team at Tommy’s Tree Services is here to help by providing tree services in Austin, TX and consulting on your landscaping needs.

Keep things neat and tidy.

Tree services, especially tree services in Austin should be maintained to give a neat and trim impression on your home. Whatever trees your front yard does have should be manicured, healthy, and should have any leaves or debris raked around the perimeter of the tree. The key is to project an image that communicates two things to a buyer:

  1. This looks excellent.
  2. I could keep this yard looking this way if I lived here.

This might be a more difficult balance to strike than you think, so contact your Austin, TX tree services experts at Tommy’s Tree Services for assistance today. Here are some helpful dos and don’ts when it comes to tree services for your front yard during a selling season:


  • Plant colorful flowerbeds to draw a buyer’s eye to your home.
  • Accessorize (tastefully) around your front door – hanging plants, wind chimes, and comfy looking benches say “welcome!”
  • Don’t forget to sew up the look of planted flowers and trees with striking mulch, pine straw, or other ground fillers. Nothing shows off a polished yard better than good ground cover.


  • Leave flowerbeds and trees/shrubs unkempt or with visible weeds.
  • Leave trees that spell trouble for the future life of the home – branches that look like they would fall in inclement weather, dead trees, etc.
  • Forget to mow your lawn – so simple, but so effective at communicating a good image
  • Over-landscape or add trees that seem like a great deal of work.

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