How to Move and Transplant a Sapling

Trees can add a lot to a landscape.  They can give height, provide shade, and are also great for the environment. But sometimes you may plant a small tree, or sapling, and then decide that it isn’t planted in the right spot.  It could be lacking sunlight or be in an overcrowded area that’s not allowing it to get the nutrients it needs to grow.  Whatever the case may be, the sapling needs to be transplanted elsewhere.  But how can you do that without damaging the tree?  Follow these steps from a tree services expert to successfully move and transplant a sapling.

Step 1: Dig Up the Sapling

First, you will want to dig up the sapling, including its root ball.  Begin by digging a wide ring around the tree.  Make a note of where the root ball is located.  Next, dig under the sapling and the root ball.  Lift it out of the ground and shake off any extra dirt still attached to the root ball.  Wrap the root ball in burlap to prepare it to be moved.

Step 2: Pick a Suitable Location

Next, Austin, Texas tree service experts recommend carefully considering the location that you will move the sapling to.  You want to ensure it has everything the small tree needs to thrive so you won’t have to risk moving it a second time.  It needs to be in a location where it can have access to sunlight, water, and nutrients from the soil to grow properly.  Choose an area that can provide all these necessities for the sapling.

Step 3: Dig the Right-Sized Hole for the Sapling

Once you have determined an adequate location, begin digging a new hole for the sapling in that spot.  The general rule of thumb from professionals that specialize in tree services in Austin is to dig a hole that is about ten times the diameter of the trunk of the sapling.  This way the roots have room so spread out without any interference.  Dig a hole deep enough that the root ball can be placed entirely below ground.

Step 4: Transplant the Sapling

Finally, it’s time to transplant the tree into the hole.  Place the sapling and root ball into the hole.  Remove the burlap covering to keep from hindering the roots from growing.  Make sure to water the sapling.  Provide ample water so that roots can dig into the soft soil and receive the nutrients needed for healthy growth. 

Should you need help transplanting a sapling or are in need of other tree services such as pruning or trimming your trees, contact Tommy’s Tree Services in Austin, Texas.  We want to help you keep your landscape looking great.