How to Properly Install a Tree Swing and Avoid Damage to My Tree

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Many families install tree swings in their yard for the children to enjoy. There is such a sense of nostalgia that is stirred in many of us when we encounter a tree swing. They can be great fun but should be properly installed with a few considerations in mind to be certain that they are safe for everyone.

Here at Tommy’s Tree Service in Austin, TX we suggest you keep the following notes in mind as you prepare to install your dream tree swing in your home’s yard.

Will my desired tree support a tree swing?

There are a few factors you may consider when selecting a tree to install a tree swing in. As a general rule, you should select a sturdy tree that isn’t new to your yard. Tree types to avoid for this type of project would include evergreen, birch, and willow trees. They are softer trees that don’t hold up well to added weight and strain. Also, be certain that your tree has a branch thick enough to support the weight of the swing and a person in that swing. Diameters between 8-10” thick tend to be sturdy enough. Finally, make sure your choice is a healthy tree with no underlying issues.

How do I prevent damage to my tree from the swing’s usage?

The best method to employ when attempting to prevent wear and damage to your tree’s trunk and bark is to cover the rope and other implements with a rubber protector. This will keep the rope from rubbing against the tree and stripping bark from the space where the rope sits.

What is the safest way to hang my tree swing in my yard?

Keep these tips in mind as you safely install your tree swing:

  • Only hang a swing over an area that doesn’t contain tree roots or other uncomfortable debris
  • Be certain that there are several feet of space between the swing and the trunk of the tree to prevent children from bumping into or scraping the tree
  • Don’t mount your swing too high; any higher than 2 feet is a bit of a gamble
  • Purchase a quality material for the rope portion of the swing, and periodically inspect it to maintain a safe and intact rope.

At Tommy’s, we pride ourselves on serving Austin, TX tree services clients with our outstanding customer service and expert tree service knowledge. Contact our team to learn more about what your trees need and what possibilities exist in your yard!