How to Properly Install a Tree Swing and Avoid Damage to the Tree

Nothing instills more of a sense of nostalgia in a yard than a tree swing. Children create fond memories on these swings while gazing up at the strong tree above them. It seems only natural that you might like to learn how to install one in your yard for your children and grandchildren to enjoy for years to come! Check out the guide below to ensure that you do so in a safe and practical manner so you can have fun as well as peace of mind with your new tree swing. 

Picking Your Tree

How will you know which tree in your yard will support the weight and hardware needed to hang a tree swing? Tommy’s Tree Service recommends that you keep the following factors in mind when you select your tree swing tree. 

First, make sure the tree you select is a healthy tree. This means you should avoid trees that are obviously dead or decaying, trees that have splits in the trunk, or trees whose branches are hanging off and no longer viable. Unhealthy trees will not support a tree swing… at least not for long! Tommy’s Tree Service in Austin, TX can help you if you need any additional guidance as to the health of your tree(s). 

Next, consider the type of tree you select. A sturdy tree that isn’t newly rooted will make an excellent choice. Bonus points if the tree is a hardwood species, such as maple or oak. You might not want to install a tree swing in softer trees, such as birch, evergreen, or willow. 

Finally, once you have landed on the specific tree you’d like to hang your swing from, think about branch placement. This can be just as important as the tree itself. Aim for a branch that is 8-10 inches thick.

Safe Installation of a Tree Swing

Follow these guidelines to make sure that your tree and your loved ones are unharmed as the tree swing is used over time. Our tree services experts in the Austin, TX area recommend that you carefully complete this sort of project to avoid any injuries or damage. 

  • Measure correctly. Make sure that the tree and the base of the swing are at least three feet from one another. Also, be certain that the swing seat sits about two feet off the ground. 
  • Don’t mount a tree swing over dangerous materials. Instead, allow it to sit over grass, leaves, or soft dirt. Roots are a child’s worst nightmare when they try to dismount. 
  • Pay attention to the rope. When you originally select your rope, make sure it is a material that is sturdy and maintains at least a ¾ inch thickness, while still being forgiving to the tree bark. Braided nylon and polyester make great choices! In addition to selecting the right rope material, inspect the rope itself from time to time to prevent accidents related to tearing. 

If you find that you are concerned about proper installation, consult our team of Austin, TX tree services experts today to get your tree swing taken care of.