We will clean-up your lot or property by removing unwanted growth, scrub brush and trees, and trash including tires or other unwanted items.

You give us an idea of the extent of clean-up you have in mind and your budget, and we will do the rest!

NOTE: Trash, old appliances, tires and other NON-GREEN items will require an extra landfill recycling fee. Your estimate will Include this fee if we are required to dispose of these items.

Cleaning up your property or lot adjacent to your neighbors is not only a neighborly thing to do, it may be a requirement of the development or area in which you reside. Clean-up laws promote everyone’s safety, especially children, who may be curious about the items residing in an uncared-for lot. Cleaning up a lot also keeps rodents and other vermin from taking up residence.

Your property is a valuable asset. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to request an estimate today!