Prepare Your Tree For the Fall

Prepare Your Tree For the Fall

Trees are living things, so it’s important to remember that there are steps we need to take to care for them and keep them healthy and alive, especially as they transition through different seasons of the year. Long periods of extreme heat in the summers followed by harsh winters can have adverse affects on trees and weaken them. Learning the proper tree care techniques by helping your trees begin to recover from the hot summer conditions can ensure your tree’s long-term health.

I watered my trees all summer. How do I know if it was enough?

Even though you may have watered regularly, your trees may still be lacking in moisture. If so, a watering program can help with your moisture issue. Subsurface watering is an efficient way to reach the tree’s roots and ensure it’s getting the proper amount of moisture. Using an injection probe, water is distributed throughout the area your trees need water most—the top 12 inches of soil. If you do not have irrigation systems in place, subsurface watering is ideal for trees and shrubs.

Also, preparing the soil to create the optimal growing condition for your trees using mulch, fertilizer and other soil care activities. Prunin any dead wood or branches now can help prevent winter storm damage caused by high winds and broken branches. Also, cable or brace any trees that may have weak spots.

Soil Care

Most tree problems are a result of poor soil whether it be a lack of nutrients or other necessary soil components, soil compaction, acidity, or other factors. Improving the soil your trees live in and creating conditions more like the forest floor will greatly help your trees and their roots to function at their best. To help make sure your trees gain nutrients that are lost this summer from heat and water, and continue to feed over the winter too, apply a slow-release fertilizer to replace these nutrients and improve the trees resistance to damage from harsh weather, insects, and diseases.

Tree Pruning or Tree Removal

Although we might love the aesthetics that trees add to our landscape, those same trees that provided shade for your porch during the summer can turn into liabilities during storms or extreme winter weather. Fall is the best time forTommys Tree Servic to help you with your tree trimming. Pruning your trees this fall can help protect trees from harsh winter storms and prepare them to bloom as vibrant as possible come springtime.

Some trees are hazards simply because they have run their course and could easily get struck down during a winter storm. Have an arborist that specializes in tree services liketree remova and tree trimming come inspect your property for trees that might need to be taken down and removed by a professional.

Also, inspect your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases that could threaten the integrity of the tree and treat them appropriately. Be on the lookout especially for emerald ash borer, scale, mites, lace bugs or beetles

Plant new trees and shrubs

We normally think of spring as the season for planting, but planting trees and shrubs in the early fall gives plants a head start to establish their roots in the cool and moist soil.

If you aren’t sure where to start to ensure your trees are ready for this fall, call Tommy’s Tree Service and our experts will be there to help you with honesty and integrity. We are your number one Austin Texas tree care gurus and we love what we do. Call us today for a free estimate 512-577-6465