Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

Like all living plants and animals, trees have a natural lifespan that eventually comes to an end, that end can mean safety issues if that tree is on your property. Over time, trees lose their strength and for a number of reasons can become structurally unsound. From age, to disease, from pest invasion to damaging storms, these trees may be beautiful, but if close to your building or home or in a high-traffic area, they can be cause for worry. To avoid an unsafe hazard or situation, removal of the tree is often your best option. Unfortunately, we aren’t all arborists or rather experts in tree health and evaluation. You may just require some tree trimming or maintenance, or you may require removal of an entire tree including stump removal. Here are some signs to look for when deciding if you need tree removal services in Austin.

  1. You can spot large dead branches. If you recently notice dead branches (with dead leaves or missing bark) high up in the canopy, then those branches present a huge danger and need immediate removal. You should also have this tree further inspected to be sure it is structurally sound; if it’s not, your tree removal service professional will recommended you remove the entire tree.
  2. The tree’s trunk looks structurally compromised. Missing bark, cracks or cavities in the trunk of the tree are strong indicators that a tree is no longer structurally sound and could become hazardous if not already
  3. The tree is suddenly leaning. You’ll notice that some trees lean naturally, however, a lean that is new (especially after a storm) may be a sign that the whole tree is dying and in danger of falling over at any moment; this is also a sign of weakening of roots which means falling is imminent. A professional arborist should look at any type of new lean from a tree immediately as well as any tree that shows a lean of more than 15 percent from its vertical position.
  4. 50 percent of the tree or more is damaged. Although a tree that is in decline can continue to thrive for many years, the bottom line is that its strength is compromised making it dangerous to keep around. If you notice multiple dead branches and damage to the tree and roots, it’s probably time to remove it.
  5. Decaying or damaged roots. Its root system is one of the biggest indications of a tree’s health. Call an emergency tree removal specialist at once if you can visibly see decayed and damaged tree roots.
  6. The trunk of the tree is hollow. If the trunk of a tree has become hollowed, then that tree poses a danger and needs to be removed from your property by a professional. Although a tree can live long with a hollow trunk and be of good general health (tree support tissue exists on the outer edges rather than inside) a hollowed trunk can compromise the structural stability of the tree and become a fall hazard.
  7. Presence of odd growths and insects. The presence of an unknown plant, fungi, or insect could mean the tree is sick or has been infected and is dying. If you aren’t sure what is growing on the tree in question, call a tree doctor.

They say it’s better to be safe than sorry. The experts at Tommy’s Tree Services want to be sure that you’re always safe. Our Austin Texas tree services range from simple tree trimming and pruning to tree removal, stump removal, and storm clean up. You know it’s time to call in our professionals if you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms around your building or home and you can be sure you’ll be in safe and capable hands as we’ve hired the best of the best in Austin tree service experts to become the #1 tree care service in Austin, Texas.