Spring Pruning Guide for Trees & Shrubs

It seems counter-intuitive to start cutting away at your trees and shrubs, but pruning is an important aspect of caring for the health of your trees and shrubs. Spring heralds new growth and blooms, and also an opportunity to set your tree up for success in producing prolific flowering and bountiful fruit. 

Here are some key elements to keep in mind as you begin to restore your older trees and shrubs.

Begin After the Last Frost

Many trees and shrubs need to be pruned after the last frost to lower the chance of cold damage near pruning cuts. When to begin pruning varies from location to location. If you are located in Austin, TX, tree pruning will often begin earlier than in locations where the weather stays colder longer.  You may want to check with a local tree service company to determine when to prune your trees and shrubs as incorrect or untimely pruning can harm your tree.


Put those shears to work clearing out the dead, diseased, and injured branches of your tree. It’s important to remove any parts of the tree or shrub that are sucking up life and energy but aren’t healthy or able to produce fruit or blooms. This process is fairly intuitive as you are only clearing out the things that are obviously harming or hindering your tree’s health. Be sure to check pruning recommendations for your location and your plant. There are some challenges in pruning oak trees in areas like Austin, TX, as they are more susceptible to disease, and fungi that cause oak wilt. Knowing your tree and its specific health dangers is an important aspect of tree thinning. You can contact a local tree service if you are unsure of how to thin and prune your trees.

Structural Improvement

Pruning helps your plants’ structural line and enhances its overall health. As you are pruning trees like lilacs, keep the strongest and most graceful of the branches and prune the weak and wiry branches away, ensuring that your tree grows in an aesthetically pleasing. For many hydrangea bushes, you should cut all the stems to the ground.  It’s important to know what your specific shrubs or trees need, as each plant is different and pruning methods differ plant-by-plant.

Austin, Texas Tree Services

Tree pruning can be a complicated process that requires an in-depth knowledge of your tree or shrub and the potential environmental challenges that plant faces. It’s important to give your tree more air and light and reduce over-stressing their limbs by pruning. However, don’t hastily jump into pruning without a knowledge of your tree and what it needs. If you are looking for help and a tree service in Austin, TX, we can assist you in helping your tree stay healthy and produce beautiful blooms and fruit for years to come.

Contact us today for more information about our tree services and keeping your trees healthy and thriving.