Why Are My Trees Shedding or Losing Leaves in Spring?

Spring is a time for beautiful blooming flowers and bright green trees. But what if instead of beautiful green leaves on your tree, they are on the ground instead? You might be wondering why your trees are shedding leaves in the springtime instead of growing new leaves. Here are some reasons why you were tree might be losing leaves.

It Can Be Normal
For some types of trees, spring leaf loss is actually normal. While most of us associate fault with the time for chatting leaves, some trees just do the opposite. Additionally, trees may actually hang onto their leaves over the winter time and so Springleaf loss is just a natural part of it. Because it can be a normal thing for some trees, it might not be something to be concerned about. Trees such as the southern magnolia, hickory, hackberry, Holly, and live oak are types the commonly shed leaves in the springtime. If the leaves falling off your tree are smooth and green, there is probably nothing to worry about. However, if your tree is not one that is not commonly known to lose leaves in spring, it could be time to contact a Tree services company to find out more information.

It Could Be Infection
For trees that don’t normally lose leaves in spring, leaves littering your lawn could actually be a sign of infection. If you notice curled and browned leaves on your lawn Instead of smooth green leaves, this is a sign on Anthracnose, a type of fungus that can attack trees, especially in the coolness of spring. Ash trees are especially prone to Anthracnose causing them to lose their leaves. Fortunately, there is a solution for trees with Anthracnose and Tommy’s tree services in Austin, Texas can help with tree infection.

Ridding Trees of Anthracnose
Luckily, the good news is that most trees are able to rid themselves of Anthracnose all on their own. New and fresh leaf growth should still come in later in spring even after the brown curled leaves have fallen. In the meantime, it is a good idea to do what you can to boost the health of your tree. Performing a tree trimming of branches that seem the most affected is helpful for removing Anthracnose and allowing healthy leaf growth elsewhere on the tree. For tree removal or tree cutting services, contact Tommy’s Tree Service in Austin, Texas. We can trim branches safely to allow for that healthy growth that will lead to a radiant green tree full of leaves this spring.