Why You’re Having Trouble With Newly Planted Trees and What To Do

Tree Climber

Oftentimes, when we plant new trees in our yards or move them from one spot to another, the trees will appear to be unhappy in their new “homes.” Arborists and others who offer tree services will commonly refer to this condition as transplant shock. Sometimes we forget that trees are living things just like us, and they attach to their “homes” via root systems just as we might attach to ours with possessions and memories. While your young or transplanted tree attempts to reform these root systems, it may experience a certain amount of stress.

You might begin to notice telltale signs with your eyes, such as discoloring or even wilting of the leaves. When you touch the branches of your distressed tree, you might be able to bend and break a branch more easily than that of a healthy tree. Even the trick your children learned at science camp might be a great indicator to help you discern whether or not your tree is struggling or perhaps already dead from the shock. Scratch a place on a twig; if you see vibrant green show through, you know your tree is alive for now. This is good news because it can likely be restored to proper health!

Here are the action steps recommended by Tommy’s Tree Service in Austin:

Be certain you have properly transplanted your young tree.

Make sure the hole you have planted the tree in is large enough to accommodate the needs of the specific tree.

Water your tree generously.

A tree that has been recently transplanted, particularly one that is failing to thrive at the time will require at least an inch of water to help allow the new root system to stay nourished.

Provide ground coverage to the root system of your tree.

Apply mulch or pine straw the area around your tree with a thickness of at least 2 and up to 5 inches. Give your tree space in the first few inches away from the trunk in this more difficult time.

Re-evaluate the health of your tree after taking these steps to improve the quality of life of your tree. If your tree is still struggling to show signs of health, consider replanting it in a better hole.

Consult with the tree services experts of Austin at Tommy’s Tree Services if you’d like professional help in addressing the needs of your young tree. Our team can provide tree services to those in and around the Austin area. Call us to schedule today!