Winter Tree Care Tips

Even though your trees are dormant during the winter time, it is still important that you care for them properly.  This winter season, be sure to take the time to be sure your tree is ready for spring or rely on tree services in Austin to get your trees winter-ready.  Here are some important tips for caring for your trees during the cold of winter.

Protect Your Trees

The winter months bring with them cold, wet weather.  Trees can be damaged in these freezing temperatures if not protect.  Smaller, newer trees are even more vulnerable to the cold temperatures.  To protect your trees, cover them with material such as burlap, tarps or sheets.  Be sure the coverage extends to the ground so that vulnerable trees can take advantage of the earth’s warmth.  If you have potted trees or plants, move them to a more protected area.  If you aren’t sure how to best care for or cover trees during winter, a local tree services company can help.

Prune Your Trees

Because trees go into dormancy during winter, this makes it an ideal time to prune back your trees.  Pruning young trees is especially important to establish a firm, strong structure.  When pruning your trees, follow these tips for the best results.  Remove dead or diseased branches first to promote growth.  Establish a central leader branch, then determine scaffold branches.  Once you have identified important branches for the structure of the tree, begin to prune.  If you do not feel comfortable pruning trees on your own, rely on Tommy’s Tree Services to provide expert tree services in Austin, Texas.

Water Trees During Times of No Moisture

Snow and rain will help give your trees moisture during the winter.  But sometimes, during dry spells, it may be necessary for you to water your trees.  Mature trees need water once a month while younger trees need water every week or two.  Depending upon the age of your trees, water as necessary through the winter.

Mulch Around Trees

Mulch around trees can be very beneficial.  It will help the soil to retain both moisture and warmth.  A donut-shaped distribution instead of a volcano shape mulch area around the tree is recommended.  Also remember that too much moisture around the trunk of the tree can actually cause decay, so begin mulching a few inches away from the base of the tree.  For the best in Austin, Texas tree services, call Tommy’s Tree Services.  Their professional tree services experts can help get your mature or young trees winter-ready so that they can thrive all year round.